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    Anfazul F Azizah
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NOTO - A Solution Platform for the Digitalization of Small - Medium Enterprises in Indonesia

April 19, 2020

⁣⁣According to research firm Gartner, digitization is the process of changing from analog to digital format. This process creates digitized data without any different-in-kind changes to the process itself, which can then be used for business purposes. That’s where digitalization comes in, which happens when digital technologies are used to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities[1]. Based on the survey on Deloitte Access Economics in 2015, 36% of 437 SMEs in Indonesia are still using offline conventional method in their day-to-day business process and has not yet been digitalized. Meanwhile, e-commerce growth in Indonesia is growing rapidly and expected to reach 16,5 billion USD in 2022. It would be a waste if we doesn’t utilize the opportunities by digitalizing SMEs as it will provide many benefits to the government and to the SMEs itself, with the obstacle that can be solved through technology and time. Before we try to look for a solution on how government can push digitalization forward, TRI or Technological Readiness Index is mandatory to be researched depends on the innovation. NOTO (Noto : Organize in Javanese language) is a solution platform for digitalizing small – medium enterprises in Indonesia. Noto is a web-based platform and available in both the web and mobile apps. A platform that would be used widely by a majority of SMEs in Indonesia with implementing NOTO system to aid SMEs in managing their monetary, helping sales, become a consultation platform, creating a social media for SMEs owners to investors, and providing an accurate sales report is our primary goal for NOTO. With NOTO, digitalization will become easier to implement. Contributing to the Indonesia’s 4.0 Industrial Revolution is also our mission. NOTO is the innovation for digitalizing SMEs in the 21th century.⠀

- Participants -⠀

1. Anfazul Faridatul Azizah @anfazul.azizah⠀
2. Bonnie Ferdinand Akbar @bonnieferdinand⠀
3. Brian Yuko Putra @brianyukop⠀

[1] ScanTrust.(2020).What Is Digitalization And Why Should⠀
Businesses Digitize Their Products.Retrieved From⠀

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