Industrialization Strategy to Promote Economic Transformation

Indonesia is currently experiencing a slowdown in industrial growth marked by lower growth in the industrial sector compared to overall national economic growth. This is a problem for Indonesia’s economy that is trying to achieve a more sustainable national economic growth and become a high-income country. The industrial sector must continue to be the main driver of Indonesian economy because it offers a great opportunity for creating more productive jobs and facilitate the process of knowledge and knowhow accumulation for its workforce and people at large. The result will result in a better economic transformation. To achieve that, there needs to be a sound reindustrialization strategy, one that reflects not only the special and unique circumstances of Indonesia, but also possible to be implemented in this era of dynamic global economy.


Reindustrialization, economic transformation, sustainable growth, high income country, job creation, productivity, accumulation of knowledge and knowhow, uniqueness of Indonesian economy, adaptation, global economic dynamics.

Sub-theme exploration

  1. Industrialization and reindustrialization best practices in different countries
  2. Gradual and reliable economic transformation strategy
  3. Strategy to promote sustainable economic growth through industrialization
  4. The vision of high-income country and the way to achieve it through industrialization
  5. Industrial capacity in creating decent jobs sustainably
  6. Productivity as the key factor for industrial growth and economic transformation
  7. Accumulation of knowledge and knowhow as an asset to become a developed nation
  8. Uniqueness of Indonesian economy as an asset to become a developed nation
  9. Adaptive capacity of industries in facing global economic dynamics