Endi Jaweng

Director, Regional Autonomy Watch (KPPOD)

Robert Endi Jaweng MAP is the Executive Director of the Regional Autonomy Implementation Monitoring Committee (KPPOD) and one of the experts currently active and pays attention to issues of regional autonomy, especially in encouraging the creation of a conducive investment climate. Since 2000, the man who was born in Manggarai on November 17, 1976 is much concerned about issues of bureaucratic reform, regional regulations, regional finance, licensing, and cooperation between regions that are closely related to the Regional Economic Governance. Endi's expertise, as his nickname, brought the KPPOD into the Delgosea (Democratic Local Governance in South East Asia) steering committee, an institution that focuses on improving governance in Asia Pacific cities. Graduates of S2 from FISIP UI also produce many pithy writings, both in mass media and scientific journals, to provide views on the warm issues that occurred in the implementation of Regional Autonomy in Indonesia. The work carried out by Robert Endi Jaweng, led him to receive an award from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) in terms of Regional Autonomy in 2016.