Indriaswati Dyah S.

UNSW Law School, Australia

Ms Indriaswati Dyah Saptaningrum is a senior researcher in the field of human rights and is currently a Phd Candidate of the UNSW Law School. In her professional career, she has conducted extensive work on legal and institutional reform and human rights advocacy, including human rights mainstreaming in policy making process at the national and local level. With such experience she has a broad network of human rights and legal reform activists including in the government agencies, academics, civil society groups at the national and local level. Her experience also extends to being a consultant, including on matters relating to capacity building programs for civil society organizations and government agencies. Furthermore, during her service in ELSAM, she has also experience in managing a number of collaborative programs supported by various international or bilateral funding agencies in the field of legal reform and human rights promotion, such as the Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) and OMCT, RWI- SIDA, DRSP- USAID, DANIDA (Danish International Development Aid), Swiss Embassy, and the US Department of State on Federal Assistance Award).