Dr. Noldy Tuerah

Eastern Indonesia Researchers Network (JiKTI)

Noldy Tuerah was born in a small town of Tondano which is located next to Tondano Lake, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, and spent his childhood through high school in this town.

He received his university degree, a Bachelor of Economics (1985) in Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, Indonesia; Master of Arts (1991) in Population and Human Resources, School of Social Sciences, The Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia; and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (1998) in Planning (Regional Planning), School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. In 1986 he was accepted as a lecturer in Faculty of Economics, Sam Ratulangi University, Manado.
Although focused in the education world, Noldy has written and produced some studies and scientific publication related to fiscal decentralization and regional economic development, worked with United Nations Center for Human Settlements (UNCHS), Ministry of Finance, World Bank, CIDA, and KOMPAK, and speaker at workshops both within and outside the country.
Throughout his life—as a regional planner—he has been continually placed in strategic leadership positions, such as, Head of Regional Planning and Development Board of North Sulawesi Province; Chairman of Integrated Economic Development Zone (IEDZ) Manado-Bitung, North Sulawesi; Chairman of Pacific Institute for Sustainable Development; Lead Research of Fiscal Decentralization Impact on Economic Growth, Regional Inequality, and Monetary Control in North Sulawesi, Head of Project Management Committee (PMC) of Public Expenditure Analysis and Capacity Harmonization (PEACH) North Sulawesi, Chair Research of Minimum Standard Service of Public Sevices, Member Team of Fiscal Decentralization of Ministry of Finance, and Regional Economist Ministry of Finance at North Sulawesi.
He really concern about Regional Planning and Development, Fiscal Decentralization, Environment and Climate Change.  He is one of the initiators for planning and development of Bitung Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in 2008 and the World Ocean Conference 2009 in Manado, Indonesia which focused on building commitment for sustainable management of marine resources. During his activities, he constantly initiating and encouraging North Sulawesi’s government to develop policies related to using and optimizing local natural resources in producing renewable energy.  While on his holiday, he loves reading, farming, and doing outdoor activities.