Steven Koerniawan

World Vision

Steven Koerniawan holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Welfare (Cum Laude) from Universitas Indonesia (2012) and Master Degree in Development Studies from The University of Melbourne, Australia (2016). He has accomplished several prestigious achievements such as received Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) and First Class Honours of Thesis Grade during the postgraduate study. During his bachelor days, he is the first student in Dept. of Social Welfare who graduated in seven semesters (normally eight semesters), he also selected as the Outstanding Student in Academic Category in 2011 and Best Graduation of FISIP UI in 2012. Steven is a former junior lecturer and researcher at Universitas Indonesia, he currently works in World Vision Indonesia and plans to continue his doctorate in social policy. His research interests focus on disaster management, social security, poverty alleviation, cultural identity and community empowerment.