Australian economist: Indonesia’s future depends on decisions over the next few years

“If Indonesia is able to improve the competitiveness of its logistics, it would reduce prices – which would obviously help the poorest – and it would also help the economy to grow in the long run."

Declining Purchasing Power, Where Is the Proof?

The government does not agree with claims that purchasing power is declining in Indonesia, according to the National Development Planning Minister Bambang Sumantri Brodjonegoro.

Indonesia Aims to Reduce Gini Ratio to 0.36 by 2019

The Indonesian government is determined to reduce the country’s GINI coefficient, which measures the level of economic inequality in a society, from 0.393 as of March 2017 to 0.36 by 2019.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs: Indonesia should focus on education, connectivity, R&D

Renowned American economist Jeffrey Sachs suggested that Indonesia invest in three things to help meet its complex sustainable development agenda: education, internet connectivity, and research and development (R&D).

Bambang Brodjonegoro: National Dialogue Needed on Inequality

Indonesia needs a national dialogue to meaningfully address the increasingly urgent problem of inequality, according to Minister for National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) Bambang Brodjonegoro.

44 Groundbreaking Papers to be Presented at IDF 2017

After a two-month call for papers, 44 entries containing groundbreaking ideas on how to address Indonesia’s inequality problems have been selected to be presented at the Indonesia Development Forum (IDF) in Jakarta on 9-10 August 2017.